VV Brown’s Sound

October 18, 2009


So glad I didn’t see or hear of VV Brown for the first time because of her “Crying Blood” track, because I would’ve easily dismissed her as Janelle Monae’s predecessing parody.

Instead, I caught wind of the UK singer by watching her perform Kid Cudi’s Crookers remix of “Day N’ Nite” in a dorm room, MacBook on lap and all, equipped with a mini-megaphone, and instrumentally backed by three seemingly harmless dudes. Of course, this was on YouTube and not in person, but…

Then, I happened upon this:

And was won over because, while it starts off as an unimpressive bouncy acoustic, it explodes with a chorus catchy enough for lovers scorned. Meaning everyone.

“A sweet little lie; I cry wolf, cry. Rabbit out the hat, yes, that’s what I’m bringing; some tricks up my sleeve for noticing me.”


October 17, 2009


Dressing My Inner Superhero

October 14, 2009

“A man can be himself only so long as he is alone.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

Arthur S. (who??; hey, I never claimed to be a bookworm) clearly meant to say “woman,” but alls forgiven, because the actual point is that when alone, I’m one part rock star, one part Pam Grier circa 1970, and two parts pseudo-sweet, like a well-mixed drink. Make it an L.I.T. for visual purposes.  I am no parts “human who uses humor and sarcasm as means of deflection,” nor “she who second-guesses.”

So, if Beyonce can make an entire empire out of this “Sasha Fierce” thing – seriously? no. – than I can surely shrink back into my “Coco Warren” or “Vegas Hamilton” persona – those are the results of my “Childhood Pets Name + Childhood Street Name = Porn Name” game. Please, you know that game – and act accordingly. This means, I can curse (if it’s any more than I already do, call Guinness) and kick ass at all times (outside of playing Taboo and/or Spades). It’s like a utopia.

I have no idea what my catchphrase would be.

Q: But, how would you dress?

Gun Heel, Chanel Cruise Collection 2009

Gun Heel, Chanel Cruise Collection 2009

Astali Bullet Bracelet

Astali Bullet Bracelet

Jules Smith's "Edwards Smile"

Jules Smith's "Edwards Smile"

And I'll pretty much rock anything by Melody Ahsani.

And I'll pretty much rock anything by Melody Ahsani.

A: To muh’fckin kill.

Once You Go Black…

October 14, 2009


How I Discovered Discovery: A friend (I rarely speak to anymore) that currently lives in a town (I would never visit) apparently knows me well enough to (quite randomly) send me a link to the free-and-full stream of an LP (he knew I’d love). I was sold on the fact that the band was comprised of Wes Miles from Ra Ra Riot, who I keep meaning to listen to, and Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend, who I first fell in love with at a rain-soaked concert in Central Park two summers ago and then again at a rain-soaked concert at All Points West two months ago.

Their rendition of a certain classic (eerie timing; R.I.P.) reminded me of a Dan Black track I heard ages ago, in which he covers the song of another fallen artist.

Hear the white boys here:


Discovery.LP.I Want You Back.
Dan Black.?.HYPNTZ.

October 13, 2009

regina spektor