Once You Go Black…

October 14, 2009


How I Discovered Discovery: A friend (I rarely speak to anymore) that currently lives in a town (I would never visit) apparently knows me well enough to (quite randomly) send me a link to the free-and-full stream of an LP (he knew I’d love). I was sold on the fact that the band was comprised of Wes Miles from Ra Ra Riot, who I keep meaning to listen to, and Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend, who I first fell in love with at a rain-soaked concert in Central Park two summers ago and then again at a rain-soaked concert at All Points West two months ago.

Their rendition of a certain classic (eerie timing; R.I.P.) reminded me of a Dan Black track I heard ages ago, in which he covers the song of another fallen artist.

Hear the white boys here:


Discovery.LP.I Want You Back.
Dan Black.?.HYPNTZ.


One Response to “Once You Go Black…”

  1. […] had no idea Vampire Weekend (mentioned them before) was releasing “Giving Up The Gun.” Lucky Friday I’m having, I guess. My lucky […]

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