I love when I can show my age and give old people the chance to point and laugh at me about how supposedly ignorant and uneducated I am in musical classics, when the truth is I really had no choice in what year I was born, and therefore had no say in what epic anthems may have slipped under my radar.

So, I hear this little diddly (check it below) on some random station the other night, and think, “Wow, another Regina Spektor, but damnit, it’s catchy.” I picture “Melanie,” the artist, as some blonde with a guitar, and the music video as a slew of scenes with sun rays bouncing off the camera lens. I think she should change her stagename to something more memorable. I think this is a good diversion from the usual “stalker-y” violent songs you hear on the radio nowadays; quite refreshing. But then I go to Wiki-search this up-and-comer and, what the hell, she’s 62? And she’s played Woodstock and Glastonbury. And this tune I’m lovin’ was the only #1 she ever had in the U.S. And maybe 5 different artists have covered it since it’s release – back in 1971. And the lyrics I’m thinking are so damn bubbly and innocent once resulted in the altogether banning of the song from several radio stations for being interpreted as sexual innuendos. (“New key” = nookie? I can see it.)

Why have I never heard of her before? Old-timers, I blame you. Do your effing job and educate the young.



“Where Have You Been?”

February 17, 2009

I have to give a huge shout-out to the PF Changs playlist. I work at a restaurant and, trust, the lounge music on loop has made me consider quitting. Repetition is a form of torture; I care what no one says. French ditties, inauthentic reggae tunes, butchered Simon & Garfunkel classics do not a charming dinner make.

Anyway, me and the fam went out to the Chinese bistro the other night for Pops birthday and luckily for me and my sanity, the speakers blasted this little tune. My sister and I fell into one of those “This my song!” rants, but failed to immediately remember its singer, year of release and so forth. I ended up, as I tend to do, texting myself the lyrics – at the moment, I have “Put your blue jeans back on…” and “I want something else to get me thru this…” in my draft box. Turns out, it was Lenny Kravitz’s “Again.”

I used to love this video. The morning cartoon. The blink-and-you-‘ll-miss-it gratuitous ass shot. The makeout session laden with Vaseline. The love/lust story. The girl! (not Gina Gershon). Back in 2000, Wikipedia did not exist. Therefore, in my mind, she was some terribly unknown skinny. She still is, but now I know her name is Teresa Lourenco. She’s Trinidadian-born, but hails from Germany. She has her own denim line, and somehow (I’m not sure how, because she is hideous) she convinced a basketball player to marry her. Go figure.


January 12, 2009

These recent ventures into the infantile style of coloring are looking wildly therapeutic (and I’m into that non-professional, sans-third party form of healing).

As much a fan as I am of the 80’s comeback (proof being: I am relentless in making quarterly purchases of cheap around-the-way girl bamboos – the ones prone to breaking and/or falling off while Roger Rabbit-ing – and I am currently hoarding my lemon yellow Reeboks with the fruit stripe laces until winter passes), I refuse to shell out $100+ for a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Even if they can flip that style one thousand different times with triple colorways and patterns, I just don’t have the cash. And besides, knock-offs can be copped at any Urban for $14-$18. Like my red ones, which I can’t find, and am pretty sure my BFF stole. Anyway, the problem with the penny-pinching purchase is the limited variety of offered colors; on any given day you can find black Faux-farers. Sooner than later, everyone starts to look like clones of each other and Mary Kate. No good.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Colorize Kit

So…sometime later this year, Ray-Ban is gonna release the Wayfarer “Colorize” kit – a DIY set with white-framed shades, stencils, and markers. This kind of personalization may be may be may be worth the $100+.

jonb_wall_lgBut I’m looking for the most solacing of activities and Jon Burgerman’s wallpaper is just enough. He’s an artist from the UK who tends to scrawl and scribble and formulate trippy little creatures in high hues. His floor-to-ceiling prints are no different except for the fact that he’s left them completely blank – just white space and black outlining – giving you and me the opp to be completely free (or utter control freaks) with our creations.

Drawing on walls is sooo 1990 for me, but who doesn’t love nostalgia?