Put Ya Lighters Up.

May 21, 2009

I don’t smoke. I’ve expressed this, no? But these damn things are so effing adorable, I’m considering taking up the habit.


Not really, but wouldn’t it be ill if artistry could be that powerful? Plussss, I got an unjustifiable whiff of a Black & Mild today while walking from the bus to my car and, because that smell tops my favorites chart along with honeysuckle and burning leaves, I decided I’ll probably purchase all 4 of these and set them atop a shelf or something in a perfect line. And then I’ll get irrationally angry if one of my smoker friends grabs one on their way out to a stoop because they think its some ordinary Zippo. Psh. Can’t they recognize a good thing when it’s right in front of them? You know, like a lung. *Zing.*

Anyway, NYC-based artist Darcel’s trademark illustration is apparently this egg-shaped eyeball thing that rocks dope (as in, I’d wear them in real life) wooden-framed glasses. The egg’s hilarious and sardonic and, if reflective of Darcel himself, we could really be friends. The collection of Mini Bic lighters are designed exclusively for Colette – a Parisian boutique I hear about all the time, but will probably never visit – and each depicts a “sucky” situtation.





 Can’t get much more self-deprecating than this:




  I love it.


MSTRKRFT will make you dance. And John Legend’s voice is sex. Anything less than a two-thumbs-up (and a pinky to show pimpness) would be uncivilized.

MSTRKRFT (ft. John Legend).Fist of God.Heartbreaker.

The Re-Gift

January 13, 2009

I found online forums dating back to 2007 discussing this track, so clearly my hot shit radar has been on the blink for some time now but, regardless, it deserves the postage; the collaboration is unexpected – and therefore, genius. Kanye talks about being underappreciated (again), Santo incoherently sings (as usual), and Sweden’s own Lykke Li, the more surprising of special guests, sings over pulsing chimes and electro sounds. Now if only it would hit the 3:00 mark. Or even better, have an upcoming music video featuring the three battling it out, each with their truest-to-form, trademark dance moves. Or the best idea yet, a tour?? Please?

N.A.S.A. ft. Kanye West, Santogold, Lykke Li. Spirit of Apollo. Gifted.