Dessa’s video for “Dixon’s Girl” is equal parts intriguing and uncomfortable. Like, I cringed when, 40 seconds in, she suddenly began to speed up her singing, therefore – oh no – turning it into rap…? Is that what this is? I just wasn’t ready.

And then I became disturbed with all the masks and pig heads, but I think that’s because the images reference classic(?) movies I have yet to see – “Clockwork Orange” and “Donnie Darko” – so I don’t get the creative genius behind it.

After I shrugged all that off though, then I became intrigued. But you can’t explain cross-genre music unless, of course, you call it just that. (As a writer, I hoped I’d be more adept with words but, turns out, I isn’t.) So, I Googled her because Bing will never catch on, and found out

1) she’s a spoken-word artist (which makes me feel better! because it explains the flow)

2) she was/is the leader of the a cappella group Boy Sopranos (no boys, one soprano – hah! means she’s ironic; ‘nother thumbs up)

and 3) she’s the sole female member of Doomtree, the Minneapolis hip-hop collective that sets out “to create some of the most forward-thinking beats and rhymes this side of 1987” (and I was born in 1986! So that means I’m just in time. Or something).

I’ve never asked to hear spoken word over 30’s jazz, but the result was pleasing. And now, I can’t stop listening.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Viktor & Rolf Chop It Up

February 6, 2010

Rihanna thinks she soooo cool with her trendsetting self, but yet she went and chose the safest peices of the bunch from Viktor & Rolf’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection. So boring, RiRi.

Take it from a pro and listen: When I walk down the street, I want people to immediately assume my clothes have been attacked by termites. Maybe a woodpecker. And definitely a hack saw.

You, though? Fashion fail. If you’re trying to get on anybody’s radar this year – anybody that matters – you’re gonna have to step it up. Seriously. I don’t think we saw enough of you in 2009.

*sigh* Amazing. I definitely need to start taking some sort of hallucinogen.

VV Brown’s Sound

October 18, 2009


So glad I didn’t see or hear of VV Brown for the first time because of her “Crying Blood” track, because I would’ve easily dismissed her as Janelle Monae’s predecessing parody.

Instead, I caught wind of the UK singer by watching her perform Kid Cudi’s Crookers remix of “Day N’ Nite” in a dorm room, MacBook on lap and all, equipped with a mini-megaphone, and instrumentally backed by three seemingly harmless dudes. Of course, this was on YouTube and not in person, but…

Then, I happened upon this:

And was won over because, while it starts off as an unimpressive bouncy acoustic, it explodes with a chorus catchy enough for lovers scorned. Meaning everyone.

“A sweet little lie; I cry wolf, cry. Rabbit out the hat, yes, that’s what I’m bringing; some tricks up my sleeve for noticing me.”


I don’t enjoy being redundant, or pointing out the obvious. So, I’ll put this in the simplest terms:

This is Santigold’s latest track (if you don’t already know, read about the vowel switcheroo here).

You should listen to it because it’s by Santigold.

That is all.

As you were.

Santigold.Your Voice.Your Voice.


…this track has put me in the mood for summer. That and Fleet Week, of course.

(Admittedly so, it’s a bit She&Him, but a straight listen-through – preferably on a picnic blanket or road trip – of Volume One, and you’ll see why I don’t mind.)

Camera Obscura.My Maudlin Career.French Navy.

St. Vincent, I Like You.

April 19, 2009

“Sometimes I had to restrain myself from laughing out of discomfort, and sometimes I had to restrain myself from crying – it’s as contagious as yawning.” – St. Vincent

I must admit, I felt the sting. This chick is officially on my radar.