Kanye vs. 50

There’s one thing that Kanye West is very very good at. Other than the whole creative genius/rapping thing. And that’s pissing people off.

And now it’s being reported that Vince McMahon and the WWE have offered Kanye close to $10 million to show up at 3 events. Not that he needs the money, but if he accepts the offer, he would have to do some “light wrestling.” I’m not sure what that means – is that when you use your thumb? – but regardless, here are some of opponents I’d like to see the Louie Vuitton Don get in the ring with.

VIBE MAGAZINE: Um, we all know what happened to them. So, by default
Winner: Yeezy.

TAYLOR SWIFT: She’s a classy southern belle who, clearly, doesn’t fight dirty – we saw this at the VMAs – so she’ll Jedi-mindtrick his ass by using her words, and not her weight. i.e. She’ll sing him that country love song she won Best Female Video for over and over until he willingly walks out the ring.
Winner: T.S.!

50 CENT: a.k.a. Battle of the Jaw. Literally. (But also, figuratively. As in, who can talk the most trash without ever really doing…much of anything else?)
Winner: Stalemate.

ANY PAPARAZZI CAMERA MAN: Amber Rose is always available because she has nothing else to do. The cameras love her and she loves them back. So, using her lifeless, Barbie-shaped self as a diversion, Kanye can sneak away without ever having to throw a punch.
Winner: ‘Ye.

GEORGE W. BUSH: Dubya shocks the nation. As usual. Shoots Kanye accidentally, while claiming he was hunting quail. Runs around chanting: “They misunderestimated me!”
Winner: Baby Bush.


My best friend knows what it takes to please me (oww!). Hence the reason she sent me this magic. Anytime Isaac sings, I don’t really hear any of the words…just a voiceover going: “Yes, I’m talking to you. About all your relationships. Past, present, and future.” Because that’s what the Fray do. They fucking resonate.

(Overproduced tracks get me caught up in headbopping, so an acoustic anything is like an express train to the psyche; makes me listen intently. Well, that, and I was tryna see if he’d say “yo” or “homies” like Yeezy. And yes, yes, he does.)

The Re-Gift

January 13, 2009

I found online forums dating back to 2007 discussing this track, so clearly my hot shit radar has been on the blink for some time now but, regardless, it deserves the postage; the collaboration is unexpected – and therefore, genius. Kanye talks about being underappreciated (again), Santo incoherently sings (as usual), and Sweden’s own Lykke Li, the more surprising of special guests, sings over pulsing chimes and electro sounds. Now if only it would hit the 3:00 mark. Or even better, have an upcoming music video featuring the three battling it out, each with their truest-to-form, trademark dance moves. Or the best idea yet, a tour?? Please?

N.A.S.A. ft. Kanye West, Santogold, Lykke Li. Spirit of Apollo. Gifted.


January 13, 2009

emotions/hr/day. the other 4hrs, i'm sleeping. deal.

emotions/hr/day. the other 4 hrs, i'm sleeping. deal.

I haven’t figured out why yet, but these songs stir up too much feeling in me – as music tends to do, especially with yours truly; hence the tat, blog title, and incessant amount of useless trivia I know/have(?) regarding artists and such. But, I’ve discovered that forming full sentences around sound and the ensuing emotion it instills in me is impossible, so here goes the sporadic thoughts: 

When Listening to:

teary-eyed, inside looking out, entranced, reflective, want to sleep, be alone


When Listening to:

play “The Breakfast Club” in my head, road trip, laugh-so-hard-you-cry, wish for presence of loved ones, autumn, slo-mo, picture-taking


Can anyone explain?

Kanye West. 808s & Heartbreak. Street Lights.
M83. Saturdays = Youth. Kim & Jessie.