Peeing my pants.

I had no idea Vampire Weekend (mentioned them before) was releasing “Giving Up The Gun.” Lucky Friday I’m having, I guess. My lucky Friday’s usually just consist of failed attempts at debauchery, so this, this is grand. And takes no effort of my own! So, make that a Lazy Friday, too. Hm. That sounds like the name of an alcoholic beverage. *stares off into distance* Aaand we’re back to square one (i.e. five sentences ago).

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I took a slight mini teensy-weensy detour from doing actual work at my job today and discovered that my favorite feel-good song on their “Contra” album (nope, “Cousins” didn’t do it for me) had some visuals to go along with it.

And those visuals consisted of RZA (all up in the video acting like the “Tao of Wu” advisor he thinks he is in real life), Lil’ Jon (paying his dues back to the band for mentioning his name in their breakout single “Oxford Comma”), Jake Gyllenhaal and a Jonas Brother. Seems like the type of hallucination you’d see after having one too many Lazy Friday’s. *full circle*

Lead singer Ezra Koenig felt the need to explain himself – “‘Giving Up the Gun’ just means turning your back on aggression and selfishness. The heroine of the video isn’t an amazing tennis player, but she has heart. She stays calm despite the unfairness of it all.” – which now just makes the song seem a bit too Kumbaya.

After all, you probably could’ve picked that vibe up from the lyrics:

Your sword’s grown old and rusty / Burnt beneath the rising sun. / It’s locked up like a trophy / Forgetting all the things it’s done. / And though it’s been a long time / You’re right back where you started from / I see it in your eyes / That now you’re giving up the gun.

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